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Diamond Certificates

Diamond certificates from independent organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) provide a diamonds grading report, that gives you valuable information about the diamonds 4 C's that were taken into consideration when the diamonds were priced.

It's important that you be sure to get the diamond's certificate that you are interested in.

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Reasons to have a Diamonds Certificates

How do you know your Diamonds are Certified?

Certified Diamonds and Appraisals

While understanding the 4 C’s in determining how to buy a diamond, you should also learn how to read a Diamonds Certificates. These certificates describe in detail the facts about the diamonds in unmounted states. Perhaps you have a specific diamond you want to have professionally appraised by an independent organization.

Diamond appraisals diamond appraisals

Diamonds are Forever

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Elsa Jewelry's Buyers Guide for Diamonds and Jewelry

Information to Choose And Buy Diamonds, Rings and Jewelry

Diamonds are not just a financial investment; they are also an emotional investment and one of the biggest decisions that couples make in their lives, next to buying a home.

If you are considering purchasing diamonds, you need to know some background on them. As the most sought after of jewels, the diamond buying process is a bit surprising to most people. Once diamonds are mined, they are sold on the market in single units as loose diamonds if they are intended to be used for jewelry.

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Master jewelers than grade the diamonds and cut the diamond through a technique designed to bring out the fire in the diamond and maximize the diamonds clarity. Following this process, diamonds are then shipped to jewelry stores to be sold as mounted pieces or loose diamonds for custom jewelry.

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Conflict Free Diamonds or Blood Diamonds

What are blood diamonds? Blood diamonds, also called conflict or conflict free diamonds, are mined in war torn countries by rebels to fund their conflict. The rebels grossly abuse human rights, often murdering and enslaving the local populations to mine the diamonds.

Diamonds are a Once in a Lifetime Purchase

After all, the average person buys a diamond only once or twice in his lifetime. However, you can still make a difference. When considering purchasing diamonds, remember that it is a once in a lifetime purchase and you want to make sure that you buy a conflict free diamond.

The Kimberly Process was created so that the diamond industry is obliged to write invoices of all diamond purchases that contain guarantees that the sold diamonds are conflict-free diamonds. Whereas before it was impossible to tell whether a diamond was conflict-free, the warranties now identify conflict-free diamonds from questionable diamonds.

The Buyer Beware

However, there are many diamond retailers that still do not issue warranties and therefore sell diamonds of questionable origins. Make sure to shop around and ask questions regarding the store's policy against conflict diamonds. The first thing you can do is to not buy diamonds or diamond jewelry with no guarantees. The retailer, if abiding by the Kimberly Process, will not buy from suppliers who do not provide guarantees.

round cut diamondsAsk about every store's policy on conflict diamonds as well. Buy only from those that have a clear firm policy.

Asking questions and making them produce copies of guarantees will not only ensure that you buy conflict-free diamonds but will also send them the message that consumers are becoming aware of the problem and would not buy from irresponsible stores. Check with the BBB.org if you have any doubts about a store's reputation.

Diamonds and Diamond Grading Reports

The Four Cs of Diamonds

You will have many factors to consider when buying a diamond. Throughout the world, there is an established method that jewelers use as a way of describing the value of a diamond. The method is known as the 4 C's of diamonds. If you are interested in understanding how to buy a diamond, it would help to know exactly what the Four C's of Diamonds are and how each aspect of the diamond contributes to its value.

The 4 C's of Diamonds represent Cut, Clarity, Carats and Color

How to Buy Diamonds based on Cut:

diamonds bullet Buying Diamonds based on Cut: The cut of a diamond is a description of how the diamond maker angles the gemstone in such a way as to best reflect light through the diamond, resulting in the diamond’s sparkle. A high quality cut enhances the innate beauty of a diamond and increases its value. A poorly cut diamond isn't as brilliant or shiny and, therefore, will be less valuable.

How to Buy Diamonds based on Clarity:

diamonds bullet The clarity of a diamond involves looking at how clear the diamond is when you look through it. Most diamonds have inclusions and flaws and it is rare to find a perfect diamond. Flaws, however, cannot usually be seen without magnification. When purchasing a diamond for clarity, look for the presence of dark spots inside the diamond.

How to Buy Diamonds based on Carats:

diamonds bullet Carat defines the size of the diamond. Larger diamonds (those of a higher carat) will cost more than a cluster of smaller diamonds, even if the total carats of the diamond cluster are the same. This means that a single one-carat diamond will cost you more than three diamonds set in a ring that add up to one carat. The reason behind this is that larger diamonds are rarer than smaller diamonds. Unfortunately, this is impacted by the fact that, when diamonds are cut, they lose about half their size.

How to Buy Diamonds based on Color:

diamonds bullet The color of diamond you choose is entirely based upon your personal preference. Diamonds that are colorless, however, are the rarest and therefore cost more than other diamonds. Colorless diamonds are known as white diamonds. Diamonds also come in a variety of different hues, including yellow, green, blue and pink. There are even diamonds known as black diamonds.

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